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Moure Insurance

Tailored solutions for Commercial, Personal and Professional insurance

Our client promise is absolute personalized attention and tailored solutions for every kind of insurance need. We exclusively work with top insurance companies, and will only ever recommend solutions that best fit your situation, regardless of what we stand to gain. Our business is built on customer satisfaction and trust, not short-term profits. In a notoriously difficult market, we pride ourselves in shielding our clients from flawed insurance policies and unreliable insurance companies. Here are some of our specialties:






Our Partners:

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Luckily, Moure Insurance reviewed my policies just before Hurricane Irma and placed new coverage with the proper terms and values. With my previous insurance, my losses of over $100,000 would not have been paid.
— Joan Andre, Real Estate Agent and Moure Insurance Client

Homeowners & FLOOD

Due to hurricane risks and widespread fraud, the South Florida Homeowners Insurance market is unlike any other worldwide. Learn more about how to navigate this difficult market.


Few people realize how missing small details in Condo insurance can open them up to full-scale losses. Learn more about how to avoid these blind spots.

Commercial Property & LIABILITY

Our goal is to make insurance a topic you never need worry about. We help you find the best coverage for your Commercial Properties so you can focus on what matters: your business.

ACCIDENT & Worker’s compensation

Building a proper safety net for your employees allows them, and you, to focus on the objectives of your business. Ensure you’re protected in the case of tragedy and misfortune.

Personal Automobile & UMBRELLAS

Drive around with peace of mind. Our Auto services ensure you’ll never have to think twice about your coverage.

Life Insurance, Long-term care & annuities

Your money should work for your family both today and tomorrow. Prepare for a time after you are gone, and secure your family’s financial future no matter the circumstances.

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